Monday, June 10, 2013

I have a new hobbies!

I have a new hobby! I went to write and realized that technically speaking I have several new hobbies. Actually they are just an extension of my other hobbies. I'm making jewelry and making hats.

Well sort of new I dabbled in jewelry making before but never this far down the "black hole" (sort of speak). I now have a studio equipped with tools. I love to gather the right tools for the job at hand. A firm believer that you are as good as your tools. Having the right tool and a good technique can make the difference between struggling and making the job smooth sailing.

I'll be posting some pictures here on this blog because it just did not seem right to post about jewelry on my knitting blog. ( This ring above is sterling silver, made with the "lost wax" method. This was my first attempt at this technique. It is a lot of fun.

I cleverly am not showing my fingernails, "silversmithing" is really hard on the hands. I have cuts and bruises and metal dirt under my fingernails. I have a special little scrub brush but that is not enough so I've learned to live with the hard working hands look. 

It starts with a piece of wax that you carve to the exact style and size you want. Then you add Sprews.

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